How to Run a Business in USA without Physical Presence?

Entering Market of a new country is exciting, complex and a lot of hard work for any business. It’s also a validation of sorts of how an organisation is performing in the markets it already operates in. After all, the appetite for such an endeavour usually comes from success. For some businesses, establishing a physical bricks and mortar presence may not be on the agenda, at least at the outset. Perhaps the business may not have the resources for, nor want to stomach the risk of, such an investment. So how can a business operate on a day-to-day basis in a new country like USA without a physical office? Quite easily, actually.

Legal Aspects

In USA, it is completely legal for a non-resident alias to register an entity and do business. You can register a business entity even without visiting United States. To know more about how to register an entity and the types of of available entities in United States, Please refer to our blog on “How can I register a company in the USA from India?“.

A Business Strategy that Doesn’t Rely on a Physical Presence

There are numerous paths to entering a new country without the need for a physical presence on the ground. Licensing and white labeling agreements for your product or service will see you generate revenue from a market as another company takes on primary responsibility for the operating processes. If the business is product-based, establishing a reliable distribution network to serve an overseas market is the fundamental issue needing attention. There are many players there such as amazon, who provide you order fulfilment services. The ability to enter a new market using any of these strategies without having to establish a physical presence there will be dependent on the calibre of organisation you decide to partner with – be they a licensee of your goods or services, or a distributor

There are a number of businesses which you can remarry run from outside United States. Our Blog titled “Business Ideas for your USA Company which can be executed offshore” will give you an idea of businesses which can be operated from outside United States. In all these cases it is necessary you have an entity registered in United States.

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Use a Local Phone Number

There are a number of virtual phone number(DID) providers. You can search over internet. You can choose to buy a cheaper one with text messaging capabilities. The price may range from 1$ to 10$, a monthly fixed. There are few providers who bill you usage basis. If you have a better budget, you can go for a Toll Free Number (TFN), by which you can win a better customer trust. Note that TFN are charged for incoming traffic. Trust factor is of extreme importance, particularly if your brand is not already established in this marketplace.

Once you incorporate your business in the United States as a foreigner and you choose the right business strategy, you really not required to have a physical presence there to run your business. You can run your business remotely from India.

Optimise your website for US Geography

The beauty of the internet is that the entire world is reachable from our fingertips. Use this to your advantage. It is possible, from your established headquarters, to remotely target a new geographic market with great efficiency once you have a website that is optimised for your market. Do not try to serve a market with a domain name from another country such as using a .in domain in United States. Develop a domain strategy that sees you use a .us domain or a .com domain in your new US Market. 

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Most of US consumers and businesses will not be comfortable to make payment to a company outside USA. Hence it is alway good to have a US Entity with US Bank Account. You can preferably choose to opt card payments as well. You can contact us on WhatsApp to understand our process and the pricing. We offer complete solution for our customers including LLC Registration, EIN bank account and gateway integration so that you no need to worry on anything and focus on your business plans.

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